Our Story


If you were to ask Ted what he does, he'd say, "I write Jewish Church music"

Ted Pearce is known for writing and performing a sub-genre of Christian music known as "messianic";  a folk-musical style based on ancient middle eastern themes. Though Ted is not Jewish, he began his faith journey in a messianic Jewish congregation (Jewish people who believe Jesus redeems man from sin and death) under Rabbi Martin Waldman and Cantor Jeff Seif in the 1990s. It was here where Ted began writing a new kind of song with an ancient language for a community of people who enjoyed acoustic folk music and dancing and food together at least once a week. 

This grew to become one of the largest messianic Jewish congregations in America, and at the same time many churches of all denominations started becoming more curious about the historic Jewish roots of their Christian faith. 

 In 2002, Ted signed with Galilee of the Nations Records and began releasing his signature brand of "messianic music".  His investment in this genre has paid off by the honor of having hundreds of congregations using multiple songs of his every week in their services. With eight full-length albums and four EPs released now. many more have developed an interest in this "new" ancient sound, and a worldwide network of venues for Ted's music continues expansion. 

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