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Shechem / Samaria

1.27.17 - I've just published "Shechem" on LIttlstar!  

Join the tour group on a virtual experience overlooking the "West Bank" capital of Nablus.  It is ironic that the world expects Israel to surrender this exact spot where God says to Abraham in Genesis 12, "This is the land I give you and your descendants forever" 

God appears to Abraham, Jacob builds an altar, Joshua and the Tribes on Mt Ebal & Gerazim, Yeshua and the woman at the well, Joseph's bones, So much history happened in this little spot!?!

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You have to be there!? Podcast


If you aren't going to Messiah Conference this year you are so going to hate yourself for missing it.

s we have all come to expect, Messiah Conference is going to be absolutely stellar again this year. I'm not getting paid to say that no one throws a Conference like the MJAA, and especially lately with Moaz Ministries co-sponsoring so many excellent Israeli brothers and sisters from the land to come and bless us in America???? 

I know that the Father is very pleased by the sound we make together

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Watchmen on the Walls



Isaiah 62:6-7

 I have posted watchmen (Notzrim) on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.


An interesting thing about this verse is that the biblical hebrew word for "watchmen" is "Notzrim", which just happens to be the same word used by modern hebrew today for "christians". So, in modern language, this verse says that God has posted…

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Where David fought Goliath


Alex has been touring Europe to shoot a VR documentary with the most famous Composer of movie-themes in the world (whom will remain unnamed at this time) and is only growing in demand, so I have started training for other areas of VR that are not getting enough attention with Alex's travel schedule. 

In only a matter of about 3 weeks, I've become a lean/mean stitching machine, with well over 100 clips now ready. So my next step is to learn editing with Adobe Premiere Pro so I can create programs when Alex…

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March of Life & March of Remembrance presents "Shoah Stories"

Yesterday we shot one of the most intriguing discussions you could ever hear. A fountain of grace has been opened and we can hardly wait for you to see it!!! And since it was shot completely in VR, it can only be viewed as if you are in the room with us. 

16 people who were second-generation direct descendants of the Shoah were divided into 4 different panels. Every person documented the facts, dates, names, places of their family story during the years of WWII. Who was killed, where, how many, etc..


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Shalom y'all,

I've been stitching VR content from Israel and posting that raw footage up at a private page on Littlstar's app. Want to see it?

If you want to see it in 360VR, just take out your smart phone, go download the littlstar app at the GooglePlay store or the iTunes store (Note: no "e" in littlstar) and then search their site for "CXIsraelVR" to find my hidden content. There are dozens of raw films that will be used as footage for some upcoming episodes of "Cultural Xchange: Israel (on and…Read more

Back from Israel (March 2016)

Just returned from THREE FULL WEEKS of shooting VR around the nation of Israel!

We captured experiences from biblical sites, to Holocaust survivors giving their testimony, to a documentary of the murder of American tourist, Taylor Force in Yafo, where 14 people were stabbed, to cultural sites, historical sites, and even a few music groups playing Israeli music. 

There are at least another hundred clips coming your way soon, so instead of waiting for full programs to be edited into "Cultural Xchange…

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Back to Israel for more VR filming in 2016


In only two weeks, CX will be going back to Israel for three more weeks of filming the "Cultural Xchange: Israel" series.


We'll be producing a VR photo album of sites mentioned in the bible, and also following Dr Jeffrey Seif PhD around the land to get a University-level teaching series at the very places you're read about. 

And we are committed to showing you things you've never seen, and places you've never experienced that will enhance your spiritual journey like nothing before!

Tell all your friends…

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The rising star



Producer/Director Alex Pearce is quickly rising in prominence of the VR production world!

He has been contracting with the world's largest VR Company, Jaunt, and is camera-operator on the world's most advanced VR camera. This relationship has him jetting all over America for the last few months. 

As the world's leading VR company, Jaunt has contracted to shoot concerts with major entertainment stars (find their Paul McCartney live in San Francisco app online) and several more that we can't mention yet

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More episodes released!


if you're following the Cultural Xchange Series on Ascape, you've seen that we have 5 episodes up now. We'll be staggering new releases every other week on Ascape for the foreseeable future as we work on building our own app. 

Depending on how we edit the remaining footage there are 40 to 60 episodes of this first VR tour of Israel still coming, so check back regularly to see what's new.